review for the shock absorber, and more on the struggle.

hay hay hayyy!

i’m going to start off positive.
i went for a short run this morning (holy mackerel, i was SO slow! seriously, like 11 minute miles. i’m upset about this.) and i finally got to test out my brand spanking new sports bra, the Shock Absorber.

my thoughts? loved it.


. totally comfortable. no chafing or rubbing, and no shoulder pain.
.drastic decrease in boob movement! 😀
i was really uncomfortable in my old bra, and it seemed like every male that passed had something to say about my fabulous rack.
but not today! i felt much more confident and more focused on my running, instead of my bouncing girly parts.


. for me, this is not a con, but it was not the most flattering sports bra. it took me from DDs to like.. a small C, but i did not care at all. while i’m running, i am not focused on looking good. just sayinnn’ though, it may not be for you if you’re trying to reel in a sexy running man. or woman. whatever floats your boat.
. price. i shelled out 65 dollhairs for my Shock Absorber, but so far, i definitely think its worth it.

in crappier news, i had another episode for “the struggle” files.
I’m having troubles putting it into words, so that post will show up when i can spit it out in a way that makes sense.
i will say that it only took a slice of banana bread and a tiny bowl of cereal to turn me into a raging Negative Nancy, and the sentence “i’ll still be fat no matter what i do” was uttered a few times.

i’ve recovered, and i feel much better after a little healthy eating and a run, but i want to stop these episodes from happening.

so stay tuned for that.

and lastly, i think i may doing a little trip down to the states this weekend, for some camping fun with jordan and his fam. 😀

know what that means? i get to bake and give it away, run in a new place, drink beer and sit around a campfire!

well, i think that’s all my rambles for today.



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