no internets = wordy posts.

hay gurrrrl hayyy!

just letting all of my faithful readers (yup, all 2 of them) know that when my big brotha decided to move out a month early, he took the internets with him.

which meanssss pictureless (but hopefully still interesting) and probably fewer posts from moi.

ah well. life happens. the picture-filled blog train will be rolling again in august.
i’m just happy i got to put up my las vegas pictures, it would have KILLED me to have to keep them to myself for another month.

Ok, time for some food and fitness!

the eatin’ has been goooood this weekend.

thursday night.

i saw a recipe for shortbread peanut butter m&m bars, and i was not going to rest until i made it.
so i did.
it turned out yummy, buttery and chocolatey. nope, this is not one of those treats i can classify as healthy in any way, shape or form.

check out the original recipe hurrrr.

i’m not sure if i’ll make these again. i’ve set pretty high standards for myself, and these just didn’t quite cut it.
if i made it with a little more peanut butter and reese’s pieces instead of m&m’s, it might be a different story.


jordan and i made the trek out to mama g’s country home (jordan’s mom = mama g, just FYI). and a trip to mama g’s always means good food.
she did not dissappoint.
steak, baked potatoes, asian salad and several cold beers were enjoyed. mmmm beer..


i meant to get in strengthwork and a gym trip, i really did.
butttttt jordan and i both ended up sleeping in until 11:30. which has never happened before in my life. seriously, 9 am is the very latest i’m up and about. i’ll never know how or why i slept that long.
but anywaaaays, workout didn’t happen. went to papa g’s (jordan’s dad) company bbq, mingled, had some springrolls and rice, and didn’t have any pork because you see the roasted piggy’s head (puuuuke).


got in a BALLIN’ workout this morning.
i followed a useful little app on miPod, and am definitely feeling the soreness now. it feels gooooood.
by my third set, i got a little distracted and started dancing and flipping around to my pump-up music.
one thing lead to another and soon enough i was doing old gymnastics drills.
and handstands and walkovers and cartwheels.
and making up dance routines. love itttt!
i am still head-over-heels in love with dance and gymnastics, so I’m going to try and incorporate it into my workouts more often. or at least do it a couple times a week to keep me happy.

we did some bumming around today, mostly grocery shopping and you know.. bumming.

while shopping, i FINALLY got a sports bra that will keep the creepy old men away!
my DDs get way too much attention when i go running in the evenings, and i’m sick of it.
thank god for the Shock Absorber, this bra is ironclad! i was doing jumping jacks in the changeroom and there was no budging of the boobies. 🙂
i can’t wait to try it out tomorrow!

(i also restrained myself from buying a Garmin running watch for $168. waaaaaant.)

and to finsh off the weekend with more awesome food, jordan made us pulled pork for supper tonight!
i go bananas for pulled pork sammiches.
bananas, i tell you.

which reminds me, there’s 4 attracting fruit flies on the counter. time for nanner breeeeead!
i wonder if jordan will notice if i do my healthy (tasty) vegan version that i love so much.
better not risk it. butter-and-sugar-loaded version it is! 😀


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