goodbye heat and sun. waaaaahhhh.

hay hay hayyyy!
i survived las vegas, flight and all (i’m not sure if i’ve ever mentioned it, but i HATE flying).

Part One: Las Vegas Recap.

it was an absolute blast from the past. lots of shopping, pretty pictures, fun food, a trip to six flags!, walking, drinking (not too much because i’m 19, so i can drink up hurrr but not down thurrrr) and insanity.


i loved walking the strip and checking out the ballin’ hotels. i thought it was beautiful and lively and crazy.


New York New York. oh yeah, thats a roller coaster. on the hotel.

fountains at the Bellagio, day and night. these were so neat!

excalibur! to me, this place looks like a giant inflatable castle that you jump around in.

the luxor. such a sharp looking hotel! at night, it shoots this gigantic beam of light from the top into the sky.

our hotel.

you can give most of the photo cred to jordan. 😛

shopping. we did a lot.
not just me… both of us.
there are outlet malls (which is another name for MAD DEALS) everywhere!
honest to goodness, i only paid full-price for one thing; a pretty knock-off Guess bag that i found at Circus Circus.


i had my first taste of IHOP (and LOVED the pancakes), and ate at the Rio buffet. it could easily be the best in vegas, daaayum!
the rest of the daily food intake wasn’t too exciting. Ben & jerry’s here and there, a few hundred jellybellys, a gigantic daquiri or two.. eh.

i also got to experience whole foods and trader joes for the first time ever! i was so so so happy.
this is just my opinion, but i deffff preferred trader joes to whole foods.

staff was friendly and helpful.
prices are doable.

staff was hella stuck up and judgemental.
prices made me walk out of there with nothing but a box of Peanut Butter Puffins.

… that’s it for my review.

six flags magic mountain!

it was a goooooood time.
i had never been on a looping rollercoaster in my life, so i was terrified, but i ended up going on pretty much all of them (yep, even the dreaded X2) and having a lot of fun.

if you actually watch the X2 video, no, thats not the guy flipping the camera, the goddamn seats rotate. while going on loops and spitting fire at you.


lol jordan’s gps on the plane, saying we’re going almost 900 km/h.

you know, cause we’re on a plane.

on ze plane. me trying to be really cool with a fishy face and jordan just being nerdy-cute. 😛

aston martin chillin’ outside of circus circus! (there’s only 4 car pictures, so you can just scrolly-scroll if you think i’m going to bore you to tears.)

pretty red ferrari! (at a Dream Car Rental place)

500 hp! yellow (blugh) Viper.

bugatti veyron on rodeo drive (beverly hills)! one of the fastest cars in the world right hurrrr people.

the lion at the mgm grand ready to pounce andddddddd…


lunching on santa monica beach. pretty!

thermometer on the rental car. it was haaaaaaat!

the man and i, chillin’ and taking pictures at hoover dam. i definitely shouldn’t say chillin’, it was about 45 degrees.

neat picture of hoover dam. i could not stop thinking about transformers when we were there. ….. in case you don’t remember, the autobots meet up and swing around on top of hoover dam.

another six flags picture.

insanely ballin’ house, way up on a hilltop in hollywood.

holy palm trees!

jordan and i having slots a’ fun with 2-foot daiquiris. apparently i have a problem where i make the fishy face a little too much.

wooo, that’s all for my vegas recap.

i will miss the crazy high temperatures and not worrying about whether it’ll rain tomorrow, and i am definitely going back.

maybe when i’m 21 so i don’t get stopped for ID every 20 feet.

Part 2: Body Lovin’

Ok, i guess my recap isn’t realllyyy done, but this is a different topic.

in vegas, i couldn’t cover up with a cardigan and yoga pants. its goddamn 45 degrees.

so my options were: wear a cute t-shirt and shorts, or pass out from heat.

in a way, this was a good thing for me.
it made me move wayyy out of my comfort zone (yes, wearing a tank top and shorts is far out of my comfort zone), which made me realize that its silly to not wear comfortable clothes when its hot, just because i’m worried some random will think i’m fat.
i went out in shorts for the first time in yearrrrs, expecting to hear “thunder thiiiiighs!” or some harsh comment about my less-than-perfect gams when every person or car passed, but nothing happened. nothingggg.
i was just another girl walking around and enjoying vegas in cute new shorts, and after awhile i started to feel comfortable. 😀
yeeeah budday!

staying in las vegas also forced me to listen to my hunger cues.
i didn’t eat unless i was hungry, i found a snack if i was feeling low on energy and drank a zillion gallons of water.

vacation = good habits, aside from the 2 foot tall daiquiri.

okey doke. ’nuff about lessons learned in sin city.

i hope you enjoyed my little taste of vegas!


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2 Responses to goodbye heat and sun. waaaaahhhh.

  1. Wow looks like a crazy fun time. I love flying (weird, I know, but turbulence is exhilarating to me). I LOVE VEGAS!!!

    • jaymealreadyexists says:

      it was a hella fun time, i can’t wait to go back. 🙂
      ahhh, you are a brave woman lol. we hit a tiny patch of turbulence on the flight back and i had to listen to some ‘i’m strong, i’m gonna make it’ music so i wouldn’t start panicking haha.
      i love it too!

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