make good days.

hay hay hayyyy!
i am all about good things today.

i rhymed..

1. we got approved for our pretty new apartment! 😀
starting august 1st, jordan and i are officially living together.
we’ve been living together in the same apartment for 9 months or so, but i’m really excited for our own place to keep clean and decorate. which has a big kitchen. with a dishwasher.

and today i get to go help my parents move furniture.
which hopefully means i get to clean instead of lift heavy things. and i get a free lunch of pulled pork.

3. My self-esteem is building up, little by little. i put a little pick-me-up in my phone case, so every time i pull my phone out, i see
“You are slender, healthy, gorgeous and happy! Go enjoy life the way you are. :)”

Here’s a little story to show you the baby steps I’m taking.
Yesterday I went to the Red River Ex (it’s this crappy and sketchy but still fun big carnival that comes every year) with jordan, my gorgeous, tiny best friend and her boyfriend (who looks like elijah wood, just FYI).
i really hate to say this, but it’s hard for me to hang out with her at times because she gets SO much attention from guys and she always looks so good, without even trying (i mean.. she tries in the way that she works out and eats healthy, but she doesn’t slut herself up and make a big scene so guys will pay attention to her), and it’s hard not to get jealous.
but yesterday, i didn’t focus on that. i dressed comfortably, i kept my shoulders back and head up, i didn’t compare my curvy body to the scrawny chick in front of me, or the 240-pound woman on my left, i just chilled in my own body. i didn’t come back scowling and vowing to work out every day the next week. i actually had a really ballin’ time. 😀
i’m proud!

i think i’m out of good news.

oh oh! i just remembered. i can still do a handstand! and a front/back walkover. i haven’t lost all of my gymnastic awesomeness.

and to end things off, these are just random pictures i’m pulling off my camera and sticking up here.

remember those cake balls that turned out fantastically that i talked about sooo long ago? here they are!

these are really not my best pictures. at all. but i had ’em, so i had to show ’em.

here’s another craptastic picture. i swear, i do have some food photography skills that are clearly not showcased in this post.

know what that is? fish oil. lemon meringue fish oil, it tastes identical to lemon custard. take that how you may.

okey dokey, enough rambling for now. i may not be saying anything for the week, but we’ll see where the wind takes us.

toodles! 😀

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2 Responses to make good days.

  1. Susan says:

    Oooh!! Hope you’re having fun in Vegas!!!

    Dressing comfortably makes such a huge difference sometimes, doesn’t it? Sometimes I put something on that is too low, or short, or just doesn’t make me feel like “me” and it’s all I can think about. SO much easier to put on something I love and feel good in, makes the whole social experience much better 🙂

    I made cake balls over Christmas… that was a long time ago! I must do that again!

    • jaymealreadyexists says:

      tooootally agree. dressing comfortable and not too showy is the best way to feel secure and comfy. i actually have a little somethin’ somethin’ related to that topic in my next post.

      goodness gracious. i don’t know if i’m ever making cake balls ever again, they were good, but so much work! haha.

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