i fought my brain and i won.

hay hay hayyyy!
first off, happy fathers day. go give your dad a hug and a nice whiskery smooch.
jordan and i went out to the boonies to visit my parents on friday with his new coffee grinder, a cute handmade card and his favourite super duper healthy (and yummy) meal.
i love my papa john! ❤

a couple unrelated things to talk about.

my mom foisted her ‘eat clean diet‘ book on me. something like this happens every time i go out there.
i just hadddd to read it, and now I’m afraid to eat anything. If you want to enjoy your aspartame and white sugar and saturated fats, you will not read this book.
It is a really good read though. Pretty informative and i like all the ‘cooler plans’. i don’t see why it has to be a cooler, my ballin’ purple lunchbag works just fine.
After reading most of the book, i went over to jordan’s grandparents for fajha’s day supper and they ordered in KFC, something i’m a little sketchy about eating even when i haven’t just read a book that details the effects of fake and nasty foods on your body.
i thought i was going to die, but i took it like a champ and even enjoyed it a teeny bit. i only have fried chicken once every 5 years or so, might as well lick up some of the grease and love it.

mooooving on. this morning AND friday morning, i did something pretty impressive. i fought off my negative attitude, overcame the urge to flop on the couch and find some junk food to eat, and i did something that made me MUCH happier.
friday morning, i didn’t run my pesky 2 miler againnnn because it was windy and rainy out. instead of getting frustrated and upset with myself, i took the extra time to make my favourite protein pancakes and do some abwork + yoga. proud! 😀

this morning i had a strength session planned. i didn’t have tooo much of a mental battle. it was just like
“alright jayme, that’s your alarm going off. time to get up and pump some iron.”
“ack! fell asleep again! please tell me its not time to leave for work already.. phew i only slept 5 minutes. ok. up up up up up up up up up up up up.”
Got up, chugged water, read food blogs, debated not working out, put on Miley Cyrus and danced around and felt much more positive about working out. Worked out.
Hey, a victory is a victory.
i didn’t quite finish my favourite strength workout so i’ll do the corework and one or two yoga poses tonight, but i’m still happy about it.
i know there will still be days where i’m going to just be lazy and blugh, but i hope from now on i at least use the time to make something healthy and extra delicious.

anddd lastly, my parents also forced us to take home a lovely bottle of ‘lemon meringue’ fish oil. Yup. Fish oil that looks and taste like lemon custard.
It’s incredibly disturbing, but it’s swallowable. There is no way i’m letting such an awesome supplement go to waste.
But does anybody know when the best time to take it is? i took it this morning post-workout, just before i ate a bowl of protein oats. Not sure how i feel about it, but i will be really upset if i literally pee away a 40 dollar bottle of lemony fish oil, so please let me know 🙂

Okey doke, that’s enough grossness. For now.
Toodles! 😀

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