the struggle.

hay gurrrl hay!
i can’t think of a smooth intro for this topic, so i’m going to jump right in.
this morning, i woke up at 5:30 ready for my 2 mile run. then i got out of bed, felt my knees twinge immediately, and said “no. no chance. i’m hurting now, imagine what i’ll be like after my run.”
Pat on the back for that smart move.

However, what i did next was very stupid.

I laid on the couch for an hour eating whatever i felt like. i won’t get into details, but it wasn’t pretty.

i think this happens because i let this awful thing called ‘skipped-workout guilt’ get to me. even though i only skipped it because it would have meant injury, it makes me feel like a lazy bum who doesn’t care about her health. Once that thought sets in, i eat whatever i like (or whatever is available) and actually turn into a lazy bum for an hour.
When that crappy hour is up, i realize what i did, feel even guiltier and am usually feeling pretty sick from what i ate.
i want to get rid of this black & white thinking. My health & fitness is not all-or-nothing. Just because i didn’t run does NOT mean it has to screw up my entire day.

Ok. Here’s my game plan for the next time it happens (because i’m sure it will):

1. Use the extra time to make a special, more time-consuming breakfast. i would have loved protein pancakes instead of the junk i ate this morning.

2. Remember i can still move my body around in other pain-free ways. My body would have really benefited from some strengthwork, yoga and icing my sore spots this morning. So next time, i will do just that.

3. Talk super positive. Convince myself that i am the hottest woman alive.
“Chyeah, i’m the hottest woman alive. Like that one missed wimpy 2 mile run will have any effect on my perfect body whatsoever..”

4. Be realistic and know that one missed run will in fact, not effect my body. or fitness level. If i had missed 7 or 8 runs, maybe.
But one? No. Nottachance.

5. Do anything i can to not feel guilty. Put my running shoes away so they can’t give me ‘that look’. Realize that tomorrow is supposed to be a ‘rest day’ and i can easily just do my 2 miler then. Stretch so my body feels all lean and limber. Do 30 mins of abwork, and check out my (imaginary) six-pack afterwards. Clean the apartment. Dance around to Lady Gaga until i feel like a back-up dancer instead of someone who missed a 2-mile run.

Alright. ‘Nuff venting for now.
i’m going to chug a green monster to help my poor food-abused body function better and eat normally for the rest of the day.

p.s. i read a really decent blog post on the same topic, and discovered a neat & interesting blog while doing so! the blog is health for the whole self and

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