dreams of 10K.

hay hay hayyy!
i have a funny story for you guys. some nights, i’m a super active sleeper. some nights, i can easily pass as dead. others, i move around lots, stretch, walk (usually just to go pee and have no memory of it in the morning), talk, and generally annoy the life out of jordan.
well last night, i was pretty active. apparently, i
1) picked up my imaginary phone and said ‘_______ industries, jayme speaking’ right in jordan’s ear and
2) ran a marathon. yup. legs were pumping for an hour. so i’m told.

i think i know why my sleeping brain/body was so pumped about running.

i’ve decided to train for my first 10K! 😀

i have a couple options for races.
. My first choice is a 10K River Run on August 26th, but it’s on a Thursday, and if i have to book off work for it, no dice Bo Bice. 😦
good news! the River Run starts at 6:30, which means no booking off work, and i get my scenic city run! 😀
. Race for your Heart 10K on August 21st. Nothing wrong with this one aside from the hour-long drive up, but i think it’s my second choice.
. And the Rock n’ Roll (actually called the Imagine?) Run on September 26th. i would really like to do this one, it starts in the town where my parents live, and i think i might even be able to convince my health-nut Papa John (my dad) to run with me! 😀

so whatever race i choose, i have a long time to train and make sure i’m totally prepared.
i’m also going to wait until the last moment to register, because i want decent (or at least manageable) weather and i’m also concerned about the river water washing out the paths for the River Run on the 26th.
i found a link to a ballin’ 8 week 10K training plan on Healthy Tipping Point for FREE. find it here! i’m doing the novice level plan, because i am in fact, a novice runner.

i’m so excited!
Here’s the plan for the week:

Monday – strengthwork and stretch.
Tuesday – 2.5 mile run.

Wednesday – 30 mins cross training. i did 10 mins p90x plyo, 10 mins on the stationary bike and 10 mins strengthwork.
Thursday – 2 mile run in the morning, strength in evening.
Friday – absolutely nothing. 🙂
Saturday – 40 mins cross training.
Sunday – 3 mile run.

It’ll get tough, especially around week 8, but if i stick to it and fuel my body properly, i’ll be good to go. gooood to go.

just thought i would let you all in on the big news. wooo, go running!
p.s. i went for the 2.5 mile run yesterday morning with a lulu hoodie on, and i thought i was going to die. i was so sticky and uncomfortable the whole time. definitely one of the most difficult (and slow) runs i’ve had.
only t-shirts from now on.

toodles! 🙂

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