because my thoughts need to go somewhere.

hay hayyy!
just a warning, this post will probably be a little all over the place.


i am SO excited for our las vegas trip. Heat, sun, shopping, craziness, chill time with my boyfriend, and a week with zero stress from work? YEAH BUDDAY.
but i have no idea where we’re going to eat! There’s the usual buffets and way-too-classy(meaning expensive) themed restaurants, but if anybody has ideas for healthy and/or cheap places for dindin in vegas, please let me know. i don’t want to miss anything good!

Food and Exercise:

1) i got free NEW running shoes! my aunty betty is the only other person in my fam with tiny feet like me, and she gave me pair of cute, blue, legit running shoes that she didn’t wear once. Wooooo!

2) I’m feeling really good about my running! I’m considering doing a Running Room 10K clinic when i get more comfortable with my 5K. Any thoughts on these clinics? i am cheap as hell, so there is no way i’m going to waste a hard-earned 70 bucks on something that won’t benefit me or that i’m going to hate after two outings.

3) Yesterday i went to my aunt’s for a father’s day shindig with the whole extended famjam. Which means a LOT of food and about 8 desserts to select from. Aaaack.
i didn’t do too badly.
. ran a lovely and sweaty 6K in the morning.
. had one dessert pre-supper (pineapple, watermelon and a piece of rollkuchen, which is basically DELICIOUS fried dough).
. ate reasonably well at supper (burger with half a bun and bbq sauce, loads of non-creamy salad and cucumber).
. enjoyed a couple desserts (a teeeeny serving of cookie dough brownie ice cream with 1/2 a warm brownie, and one of my aunt’s better-than-krispy-kreme doughnuts).

what kind of food blogger am i, all these descriptions and no pictures?! apppffff.
But anyway, i could have done wayyyy worse. Trust me, there was 3 kinds of ice cream, flaky rhubarb pie, tons of dou(gh)nuts and rollkuchen.
It was actually this morning that caused problems for me. i was up at 5:20, perfect time for a run or strength workout. i even have brand new running shoes to test out! but i just didn’t want to. so i vegged on the couch, read blogs and ate wayyy more than what i needed/wanted. Kashi cinnamon harvest, leftover rollkuchen, and white chocolate pieces all made an appearance. And now i feel really bloated and blugh. 😦
i have no idea why i was suddenly craving foods that i know are going to make me feel sluggish and bloated. maybe i was feeling guilty about getting up early and not doing anything about it, sooo i decided to just eat whatever?
Next time i’m just going to spend the extra time making something extra delicious and nutritious.

i’m doing my best to remember one of my goals, “love my body no matter what i’ve eaten or what workouts i haven’t done“. i’m failing so miserably it’s come to this..

i’m sorry i didn’t feed you right this morning. you are still gorgeous and womanly and in-shape! love you love you love you love you!

that’s right. self love shout outs. it’s totally normal…..

Well, i’m rambled out for now. Hope you enjoyed that.

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