just sayin haaaayyy.

whew. we’re only 11 days into june and this month has already been nuttier than a fruitcake. (pretty sure those are nutty…?)
apartment viewings, money saving, cake ball making, new job learning andd vegas planning have made life pretty ka-raaaaazy.

i’m a little sad to say i slept in ALL week, except this morning, so i finally got in a really good run. in 34 minutes (5K), i only slowed to walk a couple times so i could chug some water! 😀
it blows my mind how quickly my running and endurance is improving. hard to believe last week i was aiming for less than 5 one-minute walking breaks on a shorter distance, and this week i ran longer and didn’t really need any! yaaayyyy.

i found a couple tips that i think helped my progress:

. keep your eyes forward (not on the ground), arms below your chest and hands relaxed. many beginners hold their arms up higher than they need to and clench their fists, which uses more energy than keeping them at or around a 90 degree angle.

. another beginner mistake is running in an up-and-down motion instead of forward. i think i was a culprit of this one, because last week i started saying “forward motion forward motion forward motion” in my head (i was also thinking of a train, not sure if that had anything to do with it), and since then my runs have been easier, faster and generally better.

. fueling. one reason this run may have been so awesome was because i didn’t go on an empty stomach, which i usually do (something i picked up doing body-for-life). eating something small and sugary (i just had an apple) made a HUGE difference in my performance, so that will be happening from now on.

My goal is to run again tomorrow and sunday morning, so i can meet my weekly mileage goal of 9 miles. 🙂

You may have seen ‘cake ball making‘ mentioned in my list of this month’s craziness. Oh yeah, i made ’em.
Just FYI, even with jordan helping me, they were a HUGE pain in the tush to make. BUT, they were insanely popular.
Will i ever make them again? Mmmm… no.
Probably not.
But i will post the recipe! …. eventually.

Well, i think i’ve rambled long enough.
see ya lataaa gatahs!

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