alright, i have a month. … actually only like 22 days.

so, i have some big news. on an impulse (we found an amaaazing deal), jordan and i are going on a week-long trip to LAS VEGAS! at the end of june. 😀
i’m so excited.
andddd i realized i’m going to be spending a week in 40C temperatures and lounging around in a bikini lots.
you know what this means?
Time for a challenge!
i don’t really like calling them challenges or diets or anything, it’s just adjusting my regular diet so it’s geared towards fat-burning, rather than maintenance, and it’s not all that different. i love love love my body and all it’s wonders as it is, but i could definitely cut back on the treats and stop the veggie slackin’ and lose a little fat without feeling deprived.

How i’m going to firm up/slim down for Vegas:

. lately, i’ve been eating a fewww too many sweets and carbs, especially right after supper (which is when i’m least active). i’m going to use the BFL concept of keeping carb-to-protein ratios pretty even. ex: switch an after-supper apple w/ pb (which is mostly carbs) to protein yogurt with a banana bite. (protein, a few carbs, and tastiness!)
. i’ve already asked jordan to ‘take care of’ all the sweets in the house. as of right now, there are no cookies, no cheesecake, and only a little ice cream (which i’m not touching) and banana bites, which i consider a decently healthy treat.
. working out. i’ve been super lazy for the past couple weeks, and i’ll def be stepping it up.
my plan is:
strengthwork 2-3 times a week.
running or cardio at least 3 times a week.
plyometrics once or twice a week. i may make it so i can exchange a plyo for a strengthwork.
and 15-20 minutes of yoga three times a week.
. giving my body lots of love and appreciation, because it is strong and awesome and i love that it’s capable of doing all these things!

And i think that’s it. Upping my protein & lowering my carbs, being active, keeping sweets out of the house, and making sure my body knows i love it and will never abuse it.
Woooooo! Vegaaaas!

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