hi again!
i finally went for a 5k run this morning, after being off for 2 weeks, and it felt sooooo good.
i’m never going for a long-ass walk in flip flops ever again, no matter how painless my boyfriend says it will be. i can’t believe something so preventable had me off the road for 2 weeks.. def learned my lesson.
the run went prettttty well, i finished in about 22 minutes (i have to check the actual distance on my run, because 22 minutes seems way too fast for 5K at jayme-speed, so nobody get too excited) and had 5 short walking breaks. i’ll aim for 4 next time and cut down until i can run the whole thing again.
i’m thinking about doing a 5K race at the end of the summer, just for fun and to say i did it. i would love to do 10K if i’m ready for it.
i honestly never thought i would run a distance race innn my life, and now i’m thinking about 5Ks and sprint triathlons and half marathons in the future. not to mention actually getting proper running shoes and a device to measure my speed and distance. yeeeahhh buddayyyy! 😀

ok. now on to the reason i decided to post in the first place. which was…….?
oh yeah. the awesome healthy junk i got in the states a couple weeks ago. in my haul wassss:

$20 of oikos and danon greek yogurt. this is what’s left. 😦

flavoured cottage cheeses. i’m a big sweet/fruity cottage cheese fan, but i didn’t really like this stuff. the cottage cheese was really .. runny and gummy? not at all like the texture of plain stuff.

white chocolate wonderful. i almost gave jordan a heart attack and made a big scene when i saw it. i probably went 20 feet in 0.002 seconds to get it. probably.

kashi roll bars. these things are taaasty, they kind of remind me of a tootsie roll. with protein and a crispy outside.

unpictured goooods: low carb tortillas, mini bell peppers (loved these!), a $4 shirt featuring cookie monster and OMNOMNOMNOM.

jordan and i made our famous cream cheese stuffed cookies on the weekend, and wow.
just look at this.

amaaaazingly good! check out the recipe hurrrrrr. there’s my carbs

here’s my car.
well, not MY car, but you know. the car to make it cars&carbs.
a beautiful twin-turbo infiniti g35 coupe!

i’m going to stop rambling now.

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