too fantastic to keep to myself.

hay hay hayyyy!
i’m not posting reguarly yet, because i still want to clean up my recipes a bit more and get the blog lookin’ as good as i can before i start putting myself all over blogworld, but i couldn’t keep this breakfast to myself.

i made my regular stovetop super protein oats (and did 15 minutes of yoga while they were doing their low and slow cooking thing), threw in a ton of cinnamon and a pinch of stevia, and topped with sugar-free maple syrup.
Pretty good on it’s own, but the chocolate-covered banana bite was the star of the oat show.

After sitting on top, the hard chocolate kind of melted and got a little chocolate everywhere, and then i got bites of cold banana and peanut butter every now and again. it was gooooood good good. and kept me full for a solid 4 hours.

The rest of the day consisted offfff:

  • thunderstorms.
  • going bonkers at work.
  • a tasty green monster.
  • blog lurking.
  • a big tasty salad with a low carb wrap.
  • pretending to work.
  • a babybel cheese with these delishhh new spicy triscuit triangles.
  • an in-car dance party on the drive home. gotta love gaga!
  • a hard-hitting strength workout while jordan was making his fabulous stir-fry.
  • eating said stir-fry.
  • and experimenting with a cookie idea tonight!

well, that’s all i have to say for now, hope you enjoyed the little recap. and don’t kid yourself, i know a couple of you are running to the kitchen to make banana bites/lagoon creatures right now. if you’re not, you should probably start.

i’ll leave you with the image of this beautiful nissan gt-r (my #1 favourite car).

later pretty ladies! 🙂

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