day one.

hay hay hayyy, welcome to cars & carbs!
it may not look like much now, but one day this blog will be a big and beautiful source for awesome recipes and baking tips, provide inspiration to build up confidence and body love, and help you out with hard-hitting workouts. so basically, one day this blog will (hopefully) be a source of happiness in your life!
riiiiight oon, partayyyy, woooooo!

………. sorry. got a little carried away there. i promise, I’m not usually that enthusiastic.

while you’re waiting for the complex and deep (and unwritten) articles that deal with loving your body and the other important stuff i talked about, enjoy the blog’s current features. Such as:

my almost respectable list of recipes. its not quiiiiite as long as recipegirl’s 2500-and-counting list, and its like 95% treats, but they are really good recipes.

bored at work? i always am. check out the links page! i’ve been all over blogworld (which is code for ‘i’m a huge creeper’) and seen a zillion sites, but only my favourites made the cut.

i’m also in the process of putting up some of my favourite workouts and a cars page. i hope you didn’t forget this is CARS & carbs. well if you forgot, just scroll up to the top and gaze at that beautiful candy apple red acura nsx. just beautiful.

well, ttfn. ta ta for now!
(comment if you actually remember where/who that phrase is from).

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